To Catch a Convict

To say that sheepshead are difficult to catch on the fly is an understatement.  These finicky little fish seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing you are looking at them, not to mention attempting to cast to them.  I have watched hundreds of sheepshead slip into the murkiness of deep water long before you can even throw the fly out of your hand to start your cast.  This illusiveness has created a love hate relationship between me and the sheepshead.  I love to catch them but I hate the fact that they seem to always get the best of me.  All this frustration does lend itself to extensive celebrations when this little bucked tooth bandit is landed.  So, the next time you are out and you see one of these picky eaters, try your luck at tricking a sheepy.

sheepshead 3 11-28-10.JPG